The Carriere system leads the way to your orthodontic care. This next-generation orthodontic appliance gives a classic touch to pave great results as many begin their orthodontic treatment from a young age. Carriere Motion Appliance eliminates the need for expensive options and consistently helps patients achieve exceptional results in less time.

The science behind the Carriere Motion Appliance

The Carriere Motion Appliance is built to prepare patients for their first set of braces. When patients are in treatment to correct bite issues, the Carriere Motion Appliance would help correct such irregularities when teeth have erupted incorrectly and lift back the upper set of teeth to create a corrected bite before placing the braces on. The appliance helps speed up treatment without complications.

Benefits of the Carriere Motion Appliance

The Carriere Motion Appliance quickens treatment, eliminates the need for extractions, and in-depth orthodontic treatment. The highlights of the Carriere Motion Appliance is that they:

  • Reduce treatment time
  • Provide comfort¬†
  • Ensure hygiene
  • Guide speech
  • Provides a natural and correct finish

Experience the goodness of a sleek, aesthetic, and non-invasive orthodontic treatment with the Carriere Motion Appliance at one of the top-rated orthodontists in the Sacramento area today. Book online or call our office at (916) 575-9990 to schedule your appointment.



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