Braces & Clear Braces

Braces & Clear Braces

A specialty discipline that primarily focuses on treating misaligned teeth, Orthodontics, offers more than just treatment, we make dream smiles come true in ways that are convenient to patients.

Having a straight and beautiful smile is a gift and sometimes a dream come true. With orthodontic braces, any crooked or misshaped teeth can be brought back to its natural look and form with the right amount of care and attention.

Braces come in different types. 

Traditional Braces

Traditional orthodontic braces are made of high-grade stainless steel and comprise of metal brackets that attach to the individual tooth. These cemented brackets are linked to each other using a thin archwire. The pressure experienced on the teeth causes them to shift slowly into the actual position.

Tiny elastics known as ligatures are connected to the brackets and the orthodontist would have them changed every time the patient arrives for brace tightening.

The Clear Way to a Healthy Smile

We understand how a dull smile may affect one's appearance as it may bother a lot with their confidence. For decades, metal braces have proven to show fabulous results in straightening teeth. The procedure is simple where the dentist inserts metal brackets on the surface of each tooth and runs a wire through them. However, most patients have always had the concern of its visibility although the treatment works. 

In order to ensure that orthodontic treatment does not negatively impact a person's appearance, patients started to seek out a less noticeable way to beautify their smile.

What are Clear Braces?

Clear or Porcelain braces are designed and manufactured by keeping the concept of aesthetics in mind. Clear braces are known to offer the same straightening technique and reliability as metal braces. They are made from a glass-like composite material that appears translucent, allowing them to be nearly unnoticeable, unlike metallic braces. The porcelain material is known for its smooth finish and stain-resistant property. 

Clear braces offer the same extent of durability, reliability, and wear resistance as metallic braces do. Being tooth-colored, these braces can offer patients with more confidence while in treatment.


The clear way of straightening your smile can come in two ways - braces and aligners. 

Clear braces operate and function similar to that of traditional braces. They would comprise of brackets and wires just like metallic braces but would be made out of tooth-colored resin material that blends in with natural teeth. As the wires are also tooth-colored, the braces would be virtually invisible offering both aesthetics and confidence while in treatment. 

Clear aligners look and function just like retainers. These tray-like structures can be easily worn in the upper and lower teeth. The benefit of wearing clear aligners is that they are more convenient in terms of usability. Clear aligners can be removed as and when patients want to and have them re-inserted. This would impact positively on several aspects of our lives. 

Children and young adults can experience the best of orthodontic care with the help of clear aligners and braces. Get your clear braces and aligners today!

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