How can your child benefit from Phase 1 Orthodontics?

How can your child benefit from Phase 1 Orthodontics?


How can your child benefit from Phase 1 Orthodontics?

Misaligned teeth have affected the facial aesthetics of millions of people all over the world. If left untreated for a considerably long time, it can even lead to issues such as persistent headaches, change in facial shape, or pain in the facial muscles. Having treatment for misaligned teeth at the right time is of high importance. This is why we offer Phase 1 orthodontic treatment to ensure your child can have a pleasing smile throughout adulthood.

What is Phase 1 Orthodontics?

Phase 1 orthodontic treatment is most commonly provided to young patients who are still waiting for their permanent teeth to come in. The treatment will usually include dental braces or other simple oral appliances. You may be wondering why orthodontic care is required for baby teeth, as they eventually fall off. The baby teeth play a significant role in the alignment of the permanent teeth as they have to clear a path for them at the right time.

Significance of early orthodontic treatment

Dentists always suggest that your child should go forward with orthodontic treatment at an early age to get better results. Some of the advantages of early treatment include:

  • The movement of the teeth can be achieved easier with early orthodontic treatment. This is because the jawbone can easily adjust to the new positions of the teeth.
  • The relapse experienced after the completion of treatment is reduced significantly.
  • Making space for the permanent teeth to come in is easier. This also prevents the crowding of teeth in the future.
  • The treatment period will be shortened by several months if your child starts with orthodontic treatment at a younger age.
  • The pain and discomfort due to the movement of the teeth will be minimal.
  • In most cases, there wouldn’t be a need for teeth extractions to make space for teeth movement.
  • Better facial symmetry can be achieved.

When will my child require orthodontic care?

If you see your child undergoing the following, they could be suffering from teeth misalignment issues and would require orthodontic care:

  • They have crooked or misaligned teeth.
  • The teeth may appear to be protruding outwards.
  • The teeth from the upper and lower jaws do not align when the jaw is clenched.
  • They have a habit of thumb sucking or other oral habits that could affect the alignment of the teeth.
  • They have slurred speech or other speaking issues.
  • They tend to mouth breathe often.
  • The jaws are disproportionate in size compared to their head.
  • Most importantly, the baby teeth do not fall off in time and obstruct the permanent teeth that are on the verge of erupting.

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