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Adolescent Care

Facial (jaw) growth is often important during orthodontic care. Growth is sometimes complete prior to all the permanent teeth erupting especially for young ladies. The orthodontic results can be enhanced if there is concurrently occurring growth.

An early evaluation enables us to suggest what we see as the optimum time of treatment.

Remember care cannot be completed until all the teeth have erupted. My personal favorite time to begin care is late in the “Transition or Mixed” dentition stage of dental development. This is often 10-11 years of age.


Adult treatment

Our bodies change throughout our lives and our teeth often shift into less attractive positions. My oldest patient was 81 years old when I started his care. He expected another 20 years of life and wanted to look as good as possible! He appreciated the improvement we made for him.

Adult care is an enjoyable segment of our practice and presents an interesting number of health issues. A patient must have good periodontal health and all teeth must be repaired. Missing posterior teeth are best replaced after orthodontic care. Orthodontic care can often be a valuable adjunct to aid your restorative dentist in caring for complex cases. We would be delighted to be a part of your dental health team!

Invisalign™ care is often a less obtrusive method of producing nice orthodontic corrections.
Call for a “free” initial exam for the evaluation of your teeth and smile. We can assist you in your decision regarding your dental health and smile! It is all about providing you adequate information to enable you to make a sound decision.


Early Treatment

The American Association of Orthodontists advises an evaluation by age 7 years. There are problems with incisors and molar eruption that can be more readily corrected early and should be intercepted in order to avoid more complex issues later. I personally like to keep care simple with minimal expense at their young age.

Most of our young patients are advised to await more dental development in order that any care might be more effective at reducing future problems.

I personally like to keep care simple with minimal expense at their young age with the use of removable, retainer-like appliances. Experience has shown this young age group adapts well to this approach and is very compliant with wearing removable appliances.

Most younger patients require no interceptive care, and we advise a return visit at no charge to observe their progress. Care is taken not to treat problems that are likely self-correcting.

Early care is an attempt to reduce the severity of a developing orthodontic problem thereby allowing for a more readily achieved great result later. Early care is not expected to fully resolve the orthodontic problem as many of the permanent teeth are yet to erupt.


Retention Care

We continue to change throughout our lives and our teeth move whether we had orthodontic correction or not. Holding the teeth in their corrected position is important or you may experience disappointing changes.

If this has happened to you we would be happy to evaluate your case to see if another retainer or other care might help.

Your compliance with retainers will preserve your best results. I would like my patients to enjoy a beautiful smile and a healthy mouth for life.

A set of retainers will last 2-4 years in most cases.


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