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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. A patient who is 13 years old asks the Doctor “ Do I have to get braces?”
A. “You certainly can live without straight teeth. In fact, no one really even has to have teeth! Orthodontic care is elective. But if you have crooked teeth or a poor bite, orthodontic care can correct these problems.”

Q. The parent asks, “Won’t my son grow out of his crooked teeth?”
A. “Unfortunately, the segment of the jaw where there is crowding doesn’t increase with growth. Any increases in space is in the very back, which is usually not adequate to accommodate the wisdom teeth.”

Q. The parent asks, “If after teeth are pulled, won’t they automatically straighten by themselves? My childhood experience was just that. My dentist removed four teeth, and my teeth are straight.
A.  “Well you are fortunate; however, oftentimes this care leads to a very deep and impinging overbite which can be damaging to your dental health later.”

Q. Patient under active care asks the Doctor, “When can I get my braces off?”
A. “We originally estimated 22 months of care for you, and you have completed 10 months. I believe we are on a schedule, leaving about one year of care remaining. Treatment that is incomplete (taking braces off early) will result in greater problems later.”

Q. The parent asks, “How much will my insurance cover?”
A. “Without looking into your Dental policy I wouldn’t be able to answer your question. Our Business Manager can assist you in verifying your coverage. As all policies vary widely.”

Q. A new patient asks, “When will I get my braces?”
A. “Braces come after we get your orthodontic recorders, which consist of x-rays, photos and impressions.”

Q. A patient who has finished treatment asks, "How long do I have to wear my retainers?"
A “We advise wearing your retainers full-time for the first three months after your braces are removed. Once that time has passed, wear your retainers enough that 1) your retainer is not tight when your replace it, and 2) you see no changes.

Q. “Will I ever be able to stop wearing my retainers?”

A. “Once you completely stop, change can and will occur. It is a good idea to try your retainers on a couple of times each month and wear it a few days if it is tight. If you want the best results, most personal care commitments are for a lifetime.”

Q. “Will my retainers need replacement or adjustments?”
A. “Yes, but it is not a frequent need. I ask my patients to please contact my office if they need assistance. I usually assist in retention for the first year.”


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