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Adult treatment

Our bodies change throughout our lives and our teeth often shift into less attractive positions. My oldest patient was 81 years old when I started his care. He expected another 20 years of life and wanted to look as good as possible! He appreciated the improvement we made for him.

Adult care is an enjoyable segment of our practice and presents an interesting number of health issues. A patient must have good periodontal health and all teeth must be repaired. Missing posterior teeth are best replaced after orthodontic care. Orthodontic care can often be a valuable adjunct to aid your restorative dentist in caring for complex cases. We would be delighted to be a part of your dental health team!

Invisalign™ care is often a less obtrusive method of producing nice orthodontic corrections.
Call for a “free” initial exam for the evaluation of your teeth and smile. We can assist you in your decision regarding your dental health and smile! It is all about providing you adequate information to enable you to make a sound decision.


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