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Early Treatment

The American Association of Orthodontists advises an evaluation by age 7 years. There are problems with incisors and molar eruption that can be more readily corrected early and should be intercepted in order to avoid more complex issues later. I personally like to keep care simple with minimal expense at their young age.

Most of our young patients are advised to await more dental development in order that any care might be more effective at reducing future problems.

I personally like to keep care simple with minimal expense at their young age with the use of removable, retainer-like appliances. Experience has shown this young age group adapts well to this approach and is very compliant with wearing removable appliances.

Most younger patients require no interceptive care, and we advise a return visit at no charge to observe their progress. Care is taken not to treat problems that are likely self-correcting.

Early care is an attempt to reduce the severity of a developing orthodontic problem thereby allowing for a more readily achieved great result later. Early care is not expected to fully resolve the orthodontic problem as many of the permanent teeth are yet to erupt.


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