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Children & Adult Specialist in Orthodontics

A warm welcome to our website! We are the office of Melvin W. Walters, D.D.S. We are located in the West Natomas area of Sacramento, California, conveniently located near Sacramento International Airport, the Arco area and the Downtown area.

The current trend in orthodontic treatment is low force, reduced friction and longer intervals between visits due to the use of modem materials. We utilize up-to-date techniques, appliances and materials with proven effectiveness. Our bracket system is the American Orthodontic twin brackets which comes either in metal or clear. We also offer Invisalign™ treatment, which can be used in combination with limited fixed appliances in more complex cases enabling us to be effective at treating a wide variety of orthodontic problems.

We do not charge for new patient exams; we are here to offer you informed treatment options and explain the related fees.

We are open for appointments Tuesday through Saturday. We offer digital imaging x-rays, photos and dental models. Our computerized records enable us to operate more effectively with easy access to all records.

To readers and prospective patients:

I am a qualified and experienced orthodontist and am prepared to compliment your existing health care team. My strong abilities to find solutions and problem solve as a creative thinker, and team player have been developed over the course of my professional development. I am a high energy and seasoned individual who enjoys challenges that life has provided.

My childhood formation and background as a Minnesota farm boy gave me solid work ethics and the ability of self-reliance. Life’s journey has provided me with a wealth of opportunities to compassionately provide care to many with routine orthodontic problems; traumatic injuries, as well as birth defects.

My Naval internship was a rotation through various specialty areas with emphasis on anesthesia (including general) and oral surgery. I participated and assisted in over 70 cases of jaw factures and repaired multiple traumatic facial injuries. I assisted in the surgical repair of clef lip and palate. This internship was in preparation to join the medical and dental team aboard ship as a crew member familiar with general anesthesia and oral surgery in addition to general dental care.

Over the years as a clinical orthodontist, I utilized my Naval training to perform surgical exposures in over 1,000 cases of impacted canines, bicuspids and incisor teeth. Many patients who experienced traumatic injuries sought my care for tooth alignment and stabilization. Orthodontic appliances are particularly effective and less traumatic that the oral surgery routine of arched bars.

I have developed and was the principle clinician in three independent orthodontic practices; and at one time cared for 13 satellite practices in the states of Arizona and California. I sold my practices located in Rocklin and Roseville, California in 2004. I then practiced as a locum tens in three locations two to three days per week. Basically I failed to appreciate semi-retirement. I am in excellent health and have every desire to continue practicing orthodontics on a somewhat relaxed pace.

Please feel free to contact me either by phone and/or email.

We look forward to working with your dentist and would appreciate the opportunity to review any recent dental x-rays. They can be  emailed to me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We do not charge for new patient exams; we are here to offer you informed treatment options and explain the related fees.

Melvin W. Walters, D.D.S.


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